About the webinar

We cordially invite you to the virtual
5th ESDO Masterclass "Do's and Don’ts in GI Oncology",
organised during 2 half-days in collaboration with the Congress of the Polish Society of Clinical Oncology.


ESDO, the European Society of Digestive Oncology together with the ESDO Young Group and renowned international experts will teach on  the latest discoveries in diagnosis and modern therapies for gastrointestinal cancers. The topics will be presented live as mini-debates, focusing on what “should be done and what should NOT be done” in practical terms for everyday patients. In special “sponsor corners” we present the most recent and important trials which are “a must” to be known by GI oncologists. We will provide abundant interaction time for all those who would like to discuss difficult cases and raise important questions.

Looking forward to your active participation in our Masterclass!


September 10–11, 2021



Prof. Jaroslaw Regula (Poland)
Prof. Eric Van Cutsem (Belgium)


Dr. Ana-Maria Bucalau (Belgium) Dr. Geertrui Mertens (Belgium)
Dr. Pieter-Jan Cuyle (Belgium)

Prof. Piotr Potemski (Poland)

Prof. Andrzej Deptala (Poland) Prof. Jaroslaw Regula (Poland)
Prof. Thomas Gruenberger (Austria) Prof. Thomas Seufferlein (Germany)
Dr. Michela Guardascione (Italy) Dr. Elisabeth Stragier (Belgium)
Dr. Annelies Holvoet (Belgium) Prof. Eric van Cutsem (Belgium)
Dr. Karolina Jasionek (Poland) Prof. Jean-Luc Van Laethem (Belgium)
Dr. Maciej Kawecki (Poland) Prof. Lucjan Wyrwicz (Poland)
Dr. Magdalena Krakowska (Poland) Prof. Piotr Wysocki (Poland)

Prof. Maciej Krzakowski (Poland)

Dr. Piotr T. Wysocki (Poland)

Prof. Côme Lepage (France) Prof. Thomas Zander (Germany)
Prof. Tamara Matysiak-Budnik (France)  
Liz Tanzer masterclass@esdo.eu Tel. +4314051383-38

Austria 1090 Vienna, Alser Strasse 4





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